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About us

Quality Service For More Than 110 Years

Valdemar Lützen Ltd specializes in tools, machinery, implements, stainless steel productsand locks. The company is domiciled at Skálatrøð in Tórshavn, Faroe, and has been an integral part of daily life in the capital of the islands for as long as people remember. 

Valdemar Lützen Ltd has a big store with a wide range of articles used by the building industry, the professional craftsman and the do-it-yourself handy man who keeps up,repairs and refurbishes his own house and cultivates his garden.

Valdemar Lützen Ltd was established in 1904, the year when the Grove in Tórshavn was planted, and Havnar Bóltfelag, the Tórshavn Football Club, was founded, andit is one of the oldest businesses in Faroe still operating.

Since 1988 the store at Skálatrøð has specialized in tools, locks, gardening implements and fishing tackle and has been a very well visited store in the capital, mainly because it is reputed for its wide range of quality products and top quality service for its customers. Valdemar Lützen Ltd has the biggest assortment of Bosch electrical machinery and accessories in the country.